Fiorini’s Style Corner

Proptar will be presenting you with a new segment called “Fiorini’s Style Corner”, produced by the trendy and dapper; Boaz Fiorini (@BoazSantana).

Fiorini's Corner

He’ll be bringing you the latest breakdown in fashionable outfits on the urban and contemporary music scene worn by your favourite artists and celebrities for your viewing pleasure, so that you can make a few additions to your wardrobe.

He’ll be providing quality advice and affordable prices, so keep your eye out!


This week on Fiorini’s Style Corner, I will be breaking down and putting forward an outfit, which I recently put together for the talented AfroHop artist, Timbo STP. There are alternative options to be able to achieve this look and I have also left much to your own discretion, in terms of shoes and jeans choices you could wear to make you stand out. Hope it helps you with a bit of guidance on what’s currently hot on the street.

       –  Boaz Fiorini

Timbo STP

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This week on The Style Corner, we take a look at what I would call my specialty – the sartorial way of dressing. I will be advising on how to wear formal clothing and the do’s and don’ts in terms of colours and essential style guidance.

–  Boaz Fiorini


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