Industry Insider

Industry Insider’ is a live panel of experienced individuals that engage the audience with the knowledge and expertise of their chosen industry. Discussions can range from areas within fashion, music, sport, academia etc. It will be a chance for people to share their journeys, their progression and for some to share their challenges embarking on their pathway to success. ‘Industry Insider’ will include a variety of events including people from industries such as sports, politics, fashion, international development and music.

Our project will have a positive impact on our local community because it will bring the community together to engage in dialogue, share ideas and experiences and inspire each other. It will be a chance to engage the current disconnected digital generation and facilitate inter-generational communication. Furthermore, our project will enlighten people about more vocational industries and industries that do not receive much attention at schools or at careers fairs. This will give people guidance on how to break into and succeed in these industries.