Proptar Talent: Big Tipper


It’s here, the official video for Big Tipper’s “Move It”, featuring Cass STP and Kojo Funds.



The official video for Big Tipper’s “#AUNTY” track is finally here guys, enjoy!

Big thanks to everyone that participated. From Pixel Park Pictures to C9 Visions, the models, STP and the fans! Big shout out to Mama Leah’s for helping out as well.

Expect to see more big projects from Big Tipper in the near future with Proptar!


It our pleasure to announce the first addition to Proptar Talent Management, Big Tipper!


An aspiring young actor, comedian and musician. Big Tipper displays an array of talents with his ability to deploy multiple characters in his comedy sketches. His talents being so broad, it has allowed him to record his first track ‘Aunty’, racking up 200,000+ views in the process.


Growing up on Aylesbury, South East London, Big Tipper was exposed to a very adventurous lifestyle on the estate, before moving further away from the south side to Dagenham.

Big Tipper has hosted events in front of thousands and has been growing from strength to strength as a recognised all-round entertainer.


So expect to see and hear more from Big Tipper, in terms of acting projects, performances, music and many more!

Check him out on Instagram: big_tipper, and Vine: big tipper.


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