Taking advantage of the platform | Ella Bennett

Sharing this with you gives us further justification that the platform we provide is playing an active and positive impact on the careers of creatives.

Similar to Monique Vega, Ella attended our ‘Industry Insider’ on film and television hosted at the BFI. Thanks to the introduction by Ola from Levile TV, we screened her short film at Tottenham Court Road to our attendees and she received a great response.

From this opportunity – and some great networking on her part – Ella is now signed to United Agents (a leading literary and talent agency).

Here’s what she thought about the whole experience!

How did you here about Proptar and this opportunity?

My good friend Ola Christian suggested I attend – the founder of Levile TV, he also suggested I showed my short film at the event! (I also met him at a networking event) 

What do you think about the platform they provided for you? How did this have an impact on your long term goals/career?

Well, I think that Proptar is a very unique and progressive networking event. Not only do Proptar host talks with professionals in the industry, they also bring a diverse mix of culture and gender to come and speak about their personal experiences. They bring together professionals with a unified ethos. 

Because the panel Proptar had on the day I attended, and because my film screened, it resulted in me liaising with one of the panellist, Joel Wilson from Eleven Films, who after watching my short was determined to get me an agent.

I am now agented with United Agents as a director. Proptar as a result has had a major impact on my long term goals/career, by showcasing talent from all walks of life in front of the right people, means that emerging talent get guaranteed opportunities. 

The common ideology is that to be agented you have to have won several awards or be established. This is a lie, and Ola, Joel, Proptar and Giles – my agent – prove this!

Proptar spear heading this event, resulting in my agency, has also really strengthened my case for the feature film I’m currently working on as a director. 

“Last Leg” – Ella Bennett

What I also cherish about Proptar is how supportive of young people they are, I had all different kinds of young people come up to me bright-eyed and really enthusiastic about wanting to gain more experience. This is because the vibe of Proptar’s nights are really positive and bubbly (love the booth!) , you don’t feel that there’s a sense of hierarchy, which is how I’ve found networking events I’ve attended in the past. 

What would you recommend for upcoming film directors trying to follow in your footsteps?

Regarding recommendation, create a YouTube or Vimeo account and try your best to create and upload anything! Attend Q&A’s where directors speak about their process, read about directing, follow GoThinkBig and any other creative hubs via Twitter, listen to podcasts about filmmaking, volunteer at film festivals, even if its for a day, attend networking events and try to gain work experience at the top companies you would want to work for – just a week is enough! I say this because connections are important. One amazing documentary I suggest filmmakers  to watch is; The Revenant | “A World Unseen” Documentary | 20th Century FOX. (See below)

It doesn’t mean you have to emulate or duplicate what the industry professionals are doing, but it just means your brain becomes more vigilant and wired about what’s going on in the industry and where you fit in it! 

You’ll be sure to see more success stories like these soon!

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