EVENT | Proptar X UAL – Industry Insider [Social Enterprise]

Talk about ending the year with a bang!

We delivered our first ever partnered event with University of the Arts London on creative ‘Social Entrepreneurship‘ for their well renowned, “Creative Enterprise Week” and it was amazing. Over 100 creatives came out to see our inspiring panellist – Nik Thakkar, Charlie Craggs and Mercedes Benson – delivering some key advice on how to create a social impact through business as creatives.


The term ‘social enterprise’ has only been around for the last 15/20 years, with approximately 10 million new organisations setting up every year. With the hope of potentially adding to that number, we delved into topic discussions with our panel and attendees to help them on their journey. We discussed:

  1. Making ideas happen.  What’s a viable business model? What happens if it fails?
  2. The industry. How can you break into your ideal industry?
  3. Radical Social Entrepreneurship. What are the most pressing societal issues in the world today?


The panel highlighted key factors such as understanding your market, putting your skill set to good use, making allies in the industry, utilising the internet to find helpful business tools and essentially, putting purpose over popularity!


Thanks to our sponsors Well&Truly and Ape Snacks for providing the treats for the evening and WhiteLabelBooth for the cool photo booth (click the link to see the snaps!). A big shout out goes to KNKTU for bringing the vibes during the networking session.

Be sure to follow us on our journey in delivering more partnered events like this in the future, follow us on socials to be the first to know about it!



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