EVENT | Industry Insider – Film & TV

From hosting in extravagant galleries on Baker Street to taking over the BFI building on Stephen Street – the hard work never stops!

Thursday 8th June was not only election day but the day we welcomed our ambitious creatives to the Industry Insider on the film and television industry hosted at the British Film Institute.


With our well-esteemed panellists – Ola (Founder – Levile), Joel (Creative Director – Eleven Films) and Meneka – all providing some exclusive words of wisdom on their previous work with ITV, Channel 4, BBC and on independent projects; it was great to know our attendees got so much out of the event and it was an added bonus to know that we’re making an impact.





Attendees travelled from as far as Windsor and even, Oxford, to make this event – talk about dedication!

We also used the platform to share some great projects from upcoming filmmakers and directors. From the trailer of ‘CO-D’ to the fantastic short film by Ella Bennett, Last Leg. (See below)

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