From the Industry Insider to ASOS Marketplace | Monique Vega

When we initially began ‘Industry Insider’, we knew we wanted to create a platform that bridged the gap between creatives and the creative industry. Connecting them with experienced professionals and entrepreneurs who could share their knowledge, expertise and most importantly, opportunities.

Monique was one of the vibrant creatives who attended our event and made the most of the opportunity!

Brief background summary about yourself

 I was born in Panama City and have also lived in Milan and London. I am the founder of Monique Vega Design House, which is a London based pattern brand dedicated to creating vibrant, striking and unique prints for Homeware and Fashion accessories. My patterns are inspired by my passion and love for my native tropical environment, as well as influences from classic and timeless art.

Our in-house patterns produce a wide range of products, tech accessories, fine silk scarfs and luxury home accessories. 

How was your experience of the industry insider? 

I liked the event for many reasons; great for networking,

I consider networking is one of the keys to succeeding in the entrepreneurship industry, it helps you build a community and share information. The event had a great wide range of experiences and honest point of views, they were willing to share their experience – both good and bad, with the new brands out there; inspiring us and giving people a real understanding of key elements of the business industry and the challenges out there.

How did you benefit from the experience?

I feel I got to know interesting people that have enriched my network for business. As an example I met Christina, a ‘brand-scouter’ for ASOS Marketplace, she was looking for new and innovative brands to add to the website so I introduced her to my brand, the following week we had a meeting and today we are proud to say our brand just joined the online retail giant ASOS and we are proud member of the brands they represent. Again we owe this to great networking!


What would you advise others to do, when attending this event?

Lots of people are shy, my advice would be; don’t be shy, go and introduce yourself and your brand, you got more to gain than to lose. Bring business cards and try to get as many as you can, you never you who you end up meeting that could turn into a future collaboration for your brand, potential buyers, bloggers or simply growing your network.

What’re the next steps for you? How are you looking to progress from here?

Our next step is to continue to develop our product category and to grow our retail points across the UK and abroad.

We’ll be posting more success stories from our ‘Industry Insider’ creatives soon!

@MoniqueGV | @Proptar


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