‘Gap Year’ – Exclusive Screening

We were at the Curzon Theatre in Soho to watch an exclusive screening of a new TV series called ‘Gap Year’.
The series follows a group of students (and one or two weird adults) as they travel around Asia getting into the usual difficulties, language barriers, food poisoning and trouble with locals.
The show starts of with two British students, Dylan and Sean (Anders Hayward and Ade Oyefeso), who were best friends when they were kids but later drifted apart. As they begin travel around China and make some new friends. 

The most entertaining character for us would have to be the seemingly “out-of-place” Greg (Tim Kelly), who’s character is somewhat socially awkward but ultimately, entertaining for the viewer, as he leaches onto fellow backpackers, May (Alice Lee) and American party lover, Ashley (Brittney Wilson) who has travelled to China to reconnect with her family. 
The series is produced by Eleven Films with Tim Whitby as series producer, alongside co-creators and exec producers, Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson.
 ‘Gap Year’ airs at 9pm on the 23rd Feburary 2017.

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