[EVENT] ~ Industry Insider | Fashion

It was highly anticipated and boy, did we deliver!

As you may know, our #IndustryInsider segments brings together some of the best in the creative industry to share their experiences, mistakes and success on their individuals and unique journeys.

We had the pleasure of welcoming 100 ambitious creatives to the Carousel London on Baker Street – a fitting location for such an event. Introducing them to some amazing panellists, which included, Rosie Davies – the founder of  London Fashion Agency and top 23 influential women in ELLE UK, Debbie Shasanya – editorial and production for ASOS Magazine, Justin Fevrier – former owner of Protege & Fev and British-brand consultant; and finally, Alexis Knox – a creative director and celebrity fashion stylist who’s worked with Miley Cyrus, Craig David and more.


We kicked off the evening with the panel discussing their inspirational journeys as to how they started on their journeys. From Debbie, who traded the police office desk for the fashion world to Justin Fevrier, who got his lucky break when his brand was introduced to the likes of Drake and Ne-yo! And one thing that resonated well from our esteemed panel was that not everyone will see your vision and nothing happens straight away, but it’s up to you to see it through.

Following that segment was our fashion topic discussion, where we discussed:

  1. Capitalising on trends and the influence of social media?
  2. How fashion tech is changing the scene?
  3. How to survive in the fashion industry?


Debbie, an ASOS insider, advice was to stay true to what you’re most comfortable doing. “I’m personally not a fan of Twitter and I struggle to get a hang of Pinterest, but I’m very happy using Instagram which is what I’m good at.”

In regards to fashion tech, Justin agreed that the industry is rapidly changing and technology may be revolutionising the fashion industry. “I’ve seen stores start to implement virtual dressing rooms that allow buyers to try clothes on without wearing them, which will definitely benefit the consumer buying experience.”


Surviving in the industry was a crowd favourite, as most of our creative audience wanted to know what it required to break into and maintain success in the fashion industry!

Rosie mentioned 3  key skills she recognised would be invaluable. Being “honest”– saving the fluff talk and getting straight to the point, “graft” – success will not come easy. And a “go-getter” –  taking everything that comes your way!

Alexis Knox summed up the evening well and gave some great advice that was straight to the point. “Forget having a plan B, it just distracts you from plan A”.


We ended the evening with opportunities from ASOS Marketplace and Create Jobs with Creativity Works.

As a company that prides itself on providing a platform for upcoming talent, we were able to showcase some upcoming brands, Tax 3 – below and SJ London!


Thanks to our sponsors at Peabody London, Nuva, Warburtons, Popchips for bringing this event to life!


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