‘CrazyHead’ – E4 Exclusive Screening

We had the pleasure of heading over to Soho Hotel to watch an exclusive screening of the upcoming TV series, ‘CrazyHead’.

The concept of people possessed with demons would seem like a very scary watch, but the creator of MISFITS, Howard Overman, was able to provide a subtle approach with his use of a young and effervescent cast, as well as his use of dark humour.

During the Q&A the cast mentioned they’re pleased to be a part of the project, as they “get to do things” on set that they’ve “never done before.” The 2 lead characters do a ‘kick-ass’ role in their portrayal ‘demon-hunter’ and are not afraid to be aggressive, if necessary/

Our favourite would have to be Raquel – Susan Wokoma – who’s character emanates a humorous nature, once she opens up and befriends her fellow cast member, Amy – Cara Theobold. There are so many twists and turns, more action and stunts to come, it’d be silly to miss out.

Make sure you tune into ‘CrazyHead’ out in October 2016.




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