Day in the Music Industry | Globe Academy

After a year within the music industry we’ve experienced quite a lot; from UK tours with Fuse ODG to live performances at the CopperBox arena in Stratford. And now we believed – although still learning – it was time to really make a social impact.

How could we make young people within schools aware of the opportunities available to them within the music and creative industry?

Students producing music on Garageband

Funnily enough, when we asked secondary school students what roles they were aware of within the music industry, we heard very similar responses; “artists” and “record labels”. But from our experience, there’s a lot more to the industry than just that. We knew we had to change their perception. So we chose to go to a secondary school that we attended as young students to begin our journey, Globe Academy.

Our day focused on three main segments which included producing music on Garageband, branding and marketing of artists and creating a live event/festival. The 127 students involved were very engaged and schools teachers were really impressed by the “preparation and delivery” of the sessions throughout the day.


“Extremely engaging and interesting workshop which clearly displayed the passion and knowledge had from the people running the workshop. It was really great to see previous students from Globe doing so well for themselves and influencing the next generation with such positivity.”

– Teacher, Globe Academy

Students earned prizes for their fantastic work, whilst a lucky individual was duly rewarded for being the most engaged student of the day. The day was suitably rounded off with a performance from an up and coming artist, Jasmine Oakley.

Students involved really enjoyed the sessions and also gave their feedback:

“The sessions were fun and interactive”

“The sessions were really great; it was entertaining. It was awesome, I would really like to do it again.”

“It was a really fun session learnt a lot about the music world you guys were perfect.” 

“The lessons were challenging but I learnt a lot and had lots of fun.”

“This was very fun, you were available when needed and were very approachable as well as welcoming. You made it easy to ask questions. I completed something today that I wouldn’t have thought I could have fun doing.”

Team ‘London Live‘ our prize winners

Overall, a very insightful, exciting and informative day for the students, teachers and us as the facilitators. This is definitely the first of many!

Jasmine Oakley live performance

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