[Event] Industry Insider | Music

The ‘Industry Insider’ on Tuesday 26th April was a very thought provoking, insightful and excellent evening at the Trampery. Our panelist from a range of areas within the music industry kindly took time out to discuss and share their experience within the industry.


Andy (Rak Publishing), Ike (Strictly Ent Music), Noah (Outlook Festival) and Florence, gave some valuable advice to our attendees. The topic discussion was a favourite amongst our audience, as they asked relevant questions in regards to the various elements of the music industry, such as what to expect when working with music labels, the influence of social media and digital music on the industry and more information on live shows.


We were privileged enough to provide a stage for an upcoming artist, Kirsty Lou, to give her beautiful rendition of Sam Smith’s, “Lay Me Down”.


The panelist left us with some great points for to away, a prominent point was to “be creative“. Try to market your product may require quite hefty investment in order to gain traction; being creative, thinking ‘outside of the box’ isn’t common, taking advantage of that is key. “Don’t lose your passion, do it for the love of music; with the flashing lights and the thousands of twitter followers, the purpose of getting into the industry for┬ámaking great music may be overseen in this digital age; however, you should not lose sight of that. Ultimately, “work hard“; nothing great comes easy and that’s exactly how the music industry is. So be persistent, resilient and have a positive mindset.

A big thank you to the volunteers for their help during the evening. Also a shout out goes to our sponsors, @VitaCocoUK, @SquareRootLDN, @lovescarlettcocoa.


@proptar | #IndustryInsider


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