Cool magazines for music, fashion or culture

The latest in music, sport, art and street fashion are just a few things we tend to draw interest to online nowadays. With the incredible virtual world we live in now, we seem to be shifting away from our former preference of hard copy publishing to satisfy our interests. Well some of these magazines have done a decent job trying to keep that alive and have some decent websites for our viewing pleasure.

Here are some cool magazines you should check out:

Disorder Magazine

Twitter | @DisorderMag

Set up by three frustrated unemployed graduates in 2004 and voted as the ‘coolest’ magazine by Nylon magazine in 2008. Providing interesting and relevant content on music, fashion and general news in entertainment and media.

disordermagazinecover2Website |

Pause Magazine

Twitter | @Pause_Online

Focused primarily on young male fashion. Pause Mag has definitely stood out amongst the crowd with its promotion of urban, street wear, vintage, formal or informal, indie-rock-influenced, casual and new era fashion style.


Website |

RWD Magazine

Twitter |@RWDmag

A very diverse magazine in terms of its content coverage; RWD magazine provides access to the latest news in sport, music and street style. Hosting interviews with some influential individuals in various media and entertainment sectors.


Website |

Amor Magazine

Twitter |@amormagazineUK

A great lifestyle magazine aimed at women. Published only 6 times a year, with the primary aim of uniting and empowering, Amor magazine has some great content that is definitely worth looking out for.


Website |

 GUAP Magazine

Twitter | @GUAPMAG

The world’s first ever video magazine. GUAP is a youth culture brand which aims to inspire and entertain people worldwide. They bring a new flavour to the way we read magazines; not only that, but they host great events throughout the year. Check them out!

Image courtesy of 'Guap Mag'

Website |



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