TINA TOUR 2015 | London Indigo O2

After an amazing journey across the UK with our artist, Timbo STP, as the main supporting act for Fuse ODG on his “TINA Tour”; the best possible way to end it was with a finale at the London Indigo O2.

Image: Vinanti Patel

Great atmosphere all night round with good people, good music and… good performances!”

Image: Vinanti Patel

The crowd’s response to Fuse and his special guests was phenomenal. It was as though the crowd and performers came together as one on this great night to enjoy the concert together!

The audience participation was a great feature of the night. From singing along to songs with Fuse and holding up mobile devices to light up the room, the crowd were very much engaged and involved.



Fuse was not afraid to share his stage! With Timbo, the support line up include Mista Silva, Dun D and Silvastone.

Fuse invited on stage additional great performers to contribute further to an amazing experience for us all!

Ranging from Reggie and Bollie from X-Factor to BET Award Winner, Sarkodie. The shock of the night was the introduction of the world renowned dancehall rapper, Sean Paul.

We couldn’t have asked Fuse for anything more, what a sensational night!


Written by: Elizabeth Eretusi | @elizabethewriter

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