Fiorini’s Style Corner – Timbo STP

This week on Fiorini’s Style Corner, I will be breaking down and putting forward an outfit, which I recently put together for the talented AfroHop artist, Timbo STP. There are alternative options to be able to achieve this look and I have also left much to your own discretion, in terms of shoes and jeans choices you could wear to make you stand out. Hope it helps you with a bit of guidance on what’s currently hot on the street.

       –  Boaz Fiorini

Timbo STP

Please click the link for Fiorini’s Corner (Timbo)  


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sian says:

    I really like the fashion segment, and I love timbo ohhh my days.. Mr EyLeLeLe he is actually my future husband.

  2. Aish says:

    This is a very sweet look! Absolutely love it!

  3. danz says:

    Always Working @proptar

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