Proptar Voice!

Here’s our second installment of Proptar Voice from @justlizzie.

Education – Does it expand knowledge or confine creativity?

Education. What’s its purpose? Surely it’s to just educate the youth right? But if that is truly the case, shouldn’t all subjects in schools be valued and appreciated equally, if they truly all aim to provide the same outcome, which is invaluable knowledge and understanding. Well, due to the superiority which certain subjects hold over one another however, I’m led to believe this cannot be the case and indeed the education system must hold another motive.

Of course there are so many different sociological explanations as to what the intentions of the education system actually are; for example, we have the “Marxists” in one corner who believe the Education system is to legitimise social class inequality, whilst in another corner there’s the “Functionalists” who say it offers meritocracy. I however, wouldn’t solely agree with any of these explanations, instead I formulate my own; the education system, whether it be deliberately or by default, I believe it kills creativity.

This may be a strong accusation for an institution that many people seem to speak so fondly of. But think about it, does the national curriculum truly stimulate creativity? It sure does promote maths, literacy and science, there is no negating that, but what of the ‘less’ popular subjects such as enterprise, business or media. Only a fool would fail to realise that these creative subjects are made very much inferior to that of Maths and English and don’t hold nearly as much prestige. Yes, Maths and English are good subjects, my point isn’t trying to dispute that, but yet show the way in which by continuing to put so much significance on such subjects, the ability to expand into more creative subjects are concealed.

Is it fair that students aren’t encouraged to study creative subjects as much as they are to study Maths and Sciences? It is true that you probably won’t become a doctor without studying them, but maybe that right there is just the issue. That stigma society places upon careers other than that of doctors and lawyers does much more harm than good. As a result, the education system continues to promote the subjects that enable the creation of these clichéd professions, rather than the simple creating of creativity itself.

Creativity needs to be something that as a society we uplift, not just by word of mouth but by the actions in which we part take in. Then and maybe only then, can we see positive changes. The continuous evolving of doctors and lawyers is good, but the creation of young entrepreneurs, business people and media executives can be great. We need to stop fine tuning career paths through the lack of dispersal of creativity offered in education. Instead we ought to offer diversity in education, as to what is being taught and maybe then we’ll see the benefit of young people possessing widely and more creative mind sets.


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