Proptar Talent: STP [Mitch, Cass & Timbo]


It is with great pleasure that Proptar would like to announce, STP (Mitch, Cass & Timbo), as the latest addition to the Proptar talent management scheme.


After releasing three mixtapes, the talented individuals from south london have generated a great buzz within the urban market,  doing shows all over the UK, as well as overseas. As one of the UK’s hottest groups, STP produce a unique and cultured sound with their music, creating their own genre in the process.

Download their latest mixtape on GRM Daily:


The #StruggleToProceed movement they promote represents more than just music, they reach out to the local community with the aim of supporting young people and inspiring them to chase their dreams and goals, by hosting workshops and meet-and-greets with their fans.

News on the latest in STP Wear will be out soon, so look out for that.

Expect to see big things from STP in the near future!

Follow them on twitter for the latest updates:




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