Proptar Pilot Event: Big Success!

A week on from the event and the team is still recovering from hard work put in for the Proptar Pilot event. Despite all the nerves before the event, it was a big success!

There was a lot of positive feedback from the event. With Adam – Director from Deloitte – stating, “I believe this was a great idea, I can see a big future for Proptar”. Participants from the ‘Luxuria’ team also enjoyed their experience; “We would definitely recommend this opportunity to any ambitious young people that may have a business idea and need that extra push.”

Motivation speaker @HereWithRichard delivered a fantastic segment on the night and supported the Proptar movement, “We need more of these events in our community”, noticing the positive impact Proptar is capable of making.

What stunned our audience was the age range of the competition, with 13 year old Isha pitching her online tutoring idea – MyTutor – to experienced judges was considered ‘flawless’ and came as a surprise to everyone in the room. To 22 year old Nana and his team – Luxuria – pitching their car rental and chauffeuring business.

A range of experience on the judges panel
A range of experience on the judges panel

Judges were fantastic on the night. Their insight was both motivational and effect in helping the candidates on the night. They were able to come to an agreement on who the top three candidates were on the night, although Steve – Director from Peabody Trust – mentioned, ‘The candidates were very good. We needed more time to decide.’

Judge quizzing a candidate on their business idea
Judge quizzing a candidate on their business idea

Overall it was a very eventful night and definitely something for Proptar to build on. A big thanks goes to SE1 Utd, Peabody Trust and 02 Think Big for supporting our vision. We’ve got big things in store for the future!


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